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For more than 4 years CashBot.Club active on the stock exchanges and has continued to develop, has this experience and expertise.

CashBot.Club now bundled and developed a profitable data stream, which allows you to trade your products on the exchanges fully automatically.

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The CashBot.Club Demo App

CashBot.Club Demo App is a simple, secure and highly profitable data stream app used as a chart or trading bot. It can be used to trade cryptocurrency, ETF, index, currency and for ETF, index commodities on Oanda/Forex in an automated or semi-automated manner. No additional software or other brokers are required.

Missed the last bitcoin surge? Are you on your own when trading? Are you constantly looking at your broker account and TradingView charts and have you missed the last movement? No problem, because in contrast to simple portfolio trackers known on the market, the bot trades your entire portfolio directly, automatically on your broker account.


✔️What’s the difference?✔️
The CashBot.Club Demo App is not another chart App or Trading Bot. CashBot.Club Demo App uses a trading terminal specially designed for hedge funds trading  Oanda/Forex. Unlike other indicators and signals, everything is done for you here.The difference to other apps, indicators or signals is a highly developed AI that works contrary to others.

Common indicators use “open” or “close” signals of the last candle, since the current candle is not closed or “open” yet. So if you set a time frame of one hour in your chart, the next “Close” or “Open” is X minutes away (here the next full hour). Thus, the indicators have a delay of up to 59:59 minutes, since the trigger is the “open” or “close” of a candle. In other words, setting it up as a timeframe on a chart is almost the same as delaying a trigger from an indicator. Markets are not static! The movements are different.

✔️So how can a static code (indicator) be flexible?

So never rely on static indicators.✔️


What features does the datastreams offer?

✔️ Pre-orders as limit orders

✔️ TradingBot: Get profits with conditional orders ✔️

✔️ Full Auto configured client for each market, coin and the buying and selling prices and let the bot place the orders for you, so you just have to wait and get your profits. He Place a stoploss to be able to control disadvantageous market conditions ✔️

✔️ Recieve push notifications when your market change ✔️

✔️ The number of concurrent markets to be used at the same time are  31 Oanda/Forex markets ✔️

✔️New features included in Addon Data Stream Bot✔️
+ Auto stop loss
+ Auto take profit
+ Auto configured the amount of units to sell
+ Autocheck for filled orders
+ Percentage of profit trailer included
✔️Market Ranking Section✔️
✔️Automatic Margin, Quantity and Leverage setup✔️
✔️Build In Risk Split✔️
✔️Full Oanda API Support For Free✔️
✔️Up To 4 Orders In 7 Seconds @Oanda / Forex Markets✔️



✔️How can I start?✔️

Very easy in three simple steps!

1) Install the app
2) Connect to your BitMex and/or Oanda/Forex account with your personal license key and API data.
3) Done!



✔️No complicated settings are required. In general, the CashBot.Club Demo App is a great way to track or trade cryptocurrencies, ETFs, indices, currencies and commodities✔️



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